Dutch Hobbit 1960 homepage

Dutch Hobbit 1960 homepage

On this website you will see how, in the year 1975, my first copy of The Hobbit became the start of quite a collection of Hobbits and other books by and on J.R.R. Tolkien.

My first Hobbit was the 12th printing (1975) of the Dutch translation. It was a birthday present. At this moment (November 2016) I have a collection of 588 different Hobbits in or from 77 languages / countries.

The latest additions were two editions from Serbia, Arabic (2012 and 2015), Poland (2014), the facsimile of the first edition 1937 and editions / translations in English – USA twice), German (comic, 2008), French (2013), Hungarian (2014), Spanish (three books), Portugese (2007, cover John Howe), Russian (2002), French (2), simplified Chinese (2013), from Iceland (movie cover) and Ukraine (2003).

If you have any questions or if you have books in which I might be interested, don’t hesitate and contact me. And certainly do so if you have any information that will make this site more complete.

It is my wish to make this site THE Hobbit site. Will that be easy? Certainly not, but … why not try at least? And you can help!

Henk Brassien, aka The Hobbit Hunter


HOBBITHUNTER BOOKSHOP: my worldwide webshop for books by and on Tolkien, click here. Subtitled in Portugese (thanks to Tolkien Brasil), click here. All the scans of covers and illustrations on this site are from my private books collection.