New Catalan Hobbit has arrived …

Once again a graphic (comic) edition of The Hobbit by Wenzel, Dixon & Deming. This time a Catalan (part of Spain) edition, 2nd edition 2013. Hardback, no dust jacket.
Bought on eBay.
For more information about this Hobbit, click on cover.

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01 2014

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    “This time a Catalan (part of Spain) edition, 2nd edition 2013″

    Henk, this is _NOT_ a Catalan edition. The book is in Spanish, so it is a Spanish edition. The publisher (Norma Editorial) is located in Barcelona, nothing else.

    It’s like saying that you own a “Groningenish” edition, or a “Gelderlandish” edition, just because a Dutch edition happened to be printed in any of those provinces.

    Traditionally, many publishing houses had been located in Barcelona. I believe it was for 3 main reasons: 1) They had good Spanish linguists (translators, editors, publishers…) coming out of the local universities. 2) Those intelectuals they didn’t have, would come from other parts of the country, attracted by the cultural magnet that Barcelona has always been. 3) They had a powerful industry, including publishing houses.

    This is changing in recent times. Some publishers moved quarters, others were born in other provinces, but there are still many (like Norma) who still remain in Barcelona :-)

    So…. not a Catalan edition my man. For the Catalan edition, check out my link: This one is from 2012/2013 It’s still in the shops =) They both came at the same time, just in time for the 1st movie ;-)


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    Btw, if you’re still not convinced, you better start moving all your “Spanish” hobbits to the “Catalan” section. If you check them out, I’m sure 99% of them were printed in Barcelona, hahahaha.


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