New Spanish Hobbit

Paperback published by minotauro – booket, May 2013. Alternative movie cover (part one), limited edition.
Bought on eBay.


05 2014


On I sell my duplicate books by and on Tolkien.

De shop has been restyled, go and see for yourself.

And, what’s more: you now can choose for payment by bank. At least, when you live in The Netherlands or in Europe (but only when you have a IBAN – bank account).
For the rest of the world: payment through PayPal.

In store now are some 200 books by and on Tolkien. More will follow, from time to time. And if you are looking for a specific book, you can always contact me.

NEW entries today: Albanian Hobbit, HOME 7, HOME IX, Pictures by JRR Tolkien, The Road goes ever on etc.


02 2014

Two new Bulgarian Hobbits

Two long awaited Hobbits arrived this week. Thanks to Jan Boom (thank you again, Jan).

First there are nine Original comic magazines with the complete comic Hobbit in 38 pages. A true gem for the collector.

And then there was, again thanks to Jan, the first printing 1975 of the Bulgarian translation of The Hobbit.

For more information about these Hobbits, click on cover.


02 2014

New English (UK) Hobbit has arrived…..

Looks familiar, is it not? Yes, there are at least two editions that look like this Hobbit. One for the 75 years jubilee and one with the words THE WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER in just another way.

For more information about this Hobbit, click on cover.


01 2014

Illustrations by Cor Blok

This time not an announcement of a new Hobbit. This time I show you the ten reproductions of work by Dutch artist Cor Blok, inspired by The Lord of the Rings.

I bought these reproductions (signed by Cor Blok himself) at

I love the reproductions, see for yourself.


01 2014

New Catalan Hobbit has arrived …

Once again a graphic (comic) edition of The Hobbit by Wenzel, Dixon & Deming. This time a Catalan (part of Spain) edition, 2nd edition 2013. Hardback, no dust jacket.
Bought on eBay.
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01 2014

New English USA Hobbit has arrived ….

Great edition, illustrated by Jemima Catlin. First there was the UK edition, now there is the USA edition by Houghton Mifflin.
This certainly is one of my all-time favorite Hobbit editions!

For more information about this Hobbit, click on cover.


01 2014

New Chinese Hobbit has arrived …

On the last day of 2013 this Chinese Hobbit arrived. Hardback plus dustjacket, 2013. Bought at

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01 2014

New Indian Hobbit has arrived …..

A special edition of The Hobbit, for sale in the Indian subcontinent only. First (?) print, 2003. Illustrations in b&w by Tolkien.

I bought this Hobbit on, a Dutch site, owned by eBay. Thanks Danny M.!

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12 2013

“New” French Hobbit has arrived ….

Not really a new edition. I have deceided not to buy all the editions with a cover of part two of The Hobbit. Yet I will try and collect all the covers from part one.
This was a missing one: France. Not the same as Fra 27: different positions for the logo and “Maintenant au cinéma”.

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12 2013