Three new Hobbits arrived today …

Spanish Tolkien collector Gololo (do see his website bought for me three Hobbits in Spain: two Catalan Hobbits and one Spanish Hobbit.

You see them here below and if you want to know more about these Hobbits, click on cover.

Catalan 5

Catalan 6

Spanish 19


11 2012

No less than five new Hobbits have arrived …..

2012 – new pocket edition of the Swedish translation of The Hobbit.

2012 new hardback edition of the Swedish translation of The Hobbit. On cover: the coming Hobbit movie.

2012, French pocket edition of The Hobbit, announcing the Hobbit movie.

2012, Hebrew translation of The Hobbit. Illustration by Tolkien.

2012, soft cover, pecial edition of the Frisian translation of The Hobbit. This translation by Anne Tjerk Popkema was rewarded with the Obe Postma award for translations into Frisian.

For more information about these books, click on cover.


11 2012

New Frisian Hobbit

As we all know, Frisian is a language spoken in the Dutch province of Friesland. In 2009 the first edition of The Hobbit in Frisian was published. Now there is a special hardback edition of this translation.

Why? Well, the translation won the Obe Postma award for the best Frisian translation of a literary work in the years 2008 – 2011. Congratulations thus to Anne Tjerk Popkema.

This edition is a limited edition, signed by the translator. There will also be a soft cover edition (soon in my library).

For more information, click on cover.


10 2012

Two new Hobbits from Slovakia

Thanks to great help from Lucia Hruŝková, Foreighn Rights and Export Manager at Slovart, two brand new Hobbits from Slovakia have arrived in my Hobbit library:

Paperback 2012, click on cover for more information.

Hardback with dust jacket, click on cover for more information.


10 2012

New Spanish Hobbit – The Hobbit 75 years

Very special edition of The Hobbit: The Hobbit 75 years.

Limited edition, my copy is # 1.634 of 3.500 copies.
Hardback with leather dust jacket.
Reproduction of Thror’s Map is added.

Illustrations by Tolkien himself, in colour and in black & white.

This book was bought for me in Spain by Hobbit collector Mónica S. MÓnica, thanks a lot!

For more information about this book, click on cover.


10 2012

Five new Hobbits …

No less than five new Hobbits arrived today at my Hobbit library. All bought at AHA-Buch in Germany. Very recommended: I ordered the books eight days ago and received them today, oktober 2.

For more information on these books, click on cover.

For the very first time: A box with The Hobbit in two parts. The first nine chapters in book one, the rest in book two. HarperCollins 2012.

2012 certainly is a great Hobbit year in Germany. No less than four new editions of The Hobbit were published. this one is a smaal pocket, 460 pages.

Number two, paperback by DTV.

German Hobbit # 3, DTV again.

Last but not least, a nice hardback edition, announcing the Hobbit movie.


10 2012

Festival in the Shire

From September 20th – September 22 in Leiden, The Netherlands, there was a celebration of The Hobbit (75 years young) with original art exibition, bookfair, talks and music.

I had a presentation about translations of The Hobbit (Vertalingen van The Hobbit):

Amongst the other speakers were Roger Dean (artist), Peter Kenny (Australia, Tolkien expert) and Renée Vink (Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor and writer of a recent book on Tolkien and Wagner).


09 2012

Latin Hobbit

There it is, the Latin translation of The Hobbit. Just a few days before the 75th birthday of The Hobbit.

It’s a hardback + dust jacket. The jacket feels as if it is made of real dragon’s skin. Cover (color) and illustrations inside the book (b&w) are by Tolkien.

I bought this book at and the book arrived this morning (September, 15).

For more information on this Hobbit, click on cover.

NB: I have ordered five more copies of this book. They are for sale at
SORRY: they were for sale, because I sold all five copies.


09 2012

New Dutch Hobbit

And yes, there it is: the first Dutch Film edition of The Hobbit. Thanks to Arthur van der Stroom (famous Dutch Hobbit blogger – if you want to follow him (in Dutch)) who told me that this edition already was available (I was on holiday).

My Dutch Hobbit collection now consists of 79 editions.

For more information on this Hobbit, click on cover.


09 2012

And another new French Hobbit

I just came back from two weeks of holiday in France. In a very nice bookshop, Libraire l’Armitiere in Rouen, I bought two new editions of the French translation of The Hobbit.

Here is the second one:

Click on cover for more information on this Hobbit.


09 2012